"Scotty Finds a Home"
Studio Rainbow Parade, Episode 13
Scottie home-1-
Directed by: Burt Gillett
Music by: Unknow

Scotty Finds a Home it's episode 13 from Rainbow Parade in that a dog saves a family by a tied.


A young anthropomorphic kitten wants a pet. He happens to find a puppy with no owner and takes him in. When the Scotty tracks mud into the house, Grandma says that her grandson cannot keep him. A transient bulldog is walking by as Grandma puts a pie in the windowsill to cool. He barges into the house and terrorizes the family, demanding they feed him. Scotty rushes back to the house and saves the family, causing Grandma to decide that they can keep him after all.


  • This is one of the cartoons that was ressuieded by Walter O. Gutlohn. Inc.
  • This cartoon has two ressuiededs title cards.
    Scotty 1

    The first ressuieded title card by Walter O.Gutlohn.Inc.



Scotty Finds a Home

Scotty Finds a Home